PPM Park Power Management

PPM Park Power Management with 61400-25:

The growing share of wind power in national power production represents a large challenge to the Grid Operator as the production of all power plants in the grid must match the consumption and the power infrastructure must be protected against overloads, thus natural fluctuations of the wind park production must be scaled to an economic optimal set-point for the grid operator.
The PPM software platform controls the Power production of the individual turbine so that the requested production by the grid operator is reached within seconds. Product info as pdf here
WEB Event handling

E Tickets for VIP Sport Events:

VIP & Sponsors Concept Managing a modern day professional sports business, be it Football, Handball or Hockey, involves the professional handling of a VIP and Sponsor concept to attract the capital needed to realize the Results? Pre-Game VIP Reception access handling and planning is a vital part of the game and the Un booked VIP seats can be sold to paying customers rather than be left empty and thus create the optimum atmosphere in the Arena to help the team to win the game. Dynamically control the way the Arena is filled, where the different VIP classes locate, how the sections fill and when they are opened.
Product info as pdf here

  Product info in DANISH here           Software Client can be downloaded Here

Patient Transport

Patient Befordring / Skolekørsel

Systemet assistere et hold af visitøre og turplanlæggere i at registrere, planlægge og optimere transporten af siddende patienter til og fra behandlings steder. Selve transporten udføres af forskellige Taxa selskaber som tur planlæggerne løbende kommunikerer med.

Transporterer mennesker

Systemet er et beslutnings støtte system, dvs. at systemet klare alle rutine opgaver og hjælper tur planlæggeren med at tilrettelægge transporten så rationelt som muligt indenfor de givne rammer uden direkte at træffe beslutninger for tur planlæggeren. Det er vigtigt at systemet giver plads for tur planlæggerens menneskelige og faglige vurdering samtidigt med at alle relevante informationer præsenteres så den rigtige beslutning tages.

Strategisk Routing (PDF Datablad)

  Patient Befordring, (PDF Datablad

IEC 61400-25

IEC 61400-25 Compliance in a box

IEC 61400-25 Compliance in a box
The communication package based on IEC 61400-25-4 The SOAP XML mapping effectively shields the specific communication protocol to the WP Controller in the Wind Turbine from the SCADA or other backend software and thus protects your investment in these systems

Product info as pdf here

MAPS 8.0  

MAPS Map Application System:

Maps is you best tool in visualising any kind of geographical related information, try to see you sales stat's on a map of your sale regions or Regional Political tendencies, environment, hazards and so on.
You may also work on the more technical side of Maps with DSFL, Esri Shape, DXF and a lot more industry standard map formats.

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Mobile Workforce Manager

Keep track of your Mobile Workforce with this exiting Web service

Connect your device to our service and have Global access to your workforce

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